How to Customize the Different Email Templates ?

Step 1 :

Login in to Everest Cast Pro Admin Panel using your User name and Password.

Step 2 :

From Main navigation section Click on "Templates" and again click on sub menu "Email Templates"

Step 3 :

Here you can edit email templates for different types of system notifications. You get the following email template types:

~ Streaming Account Created
~ Reseller Account Created
~ Admin Account Created
~ Admin Account Updated
~ Password Reset Instructions
~ Password Reset Confirmation
~ Broadcaster Password Reset Instructions
~ Approaching Data Transfer Limit
~ Data Transfer Limit Exceeded
~ Account Reinstated
~ Bit Rate Limit Exceeded
~ Service Suspended
~ Service Reactivated
~ Approaching Disk Quota
~ Disk Quota Exceeded

Based on your requirement Insert the subject, body

You can use the macors in your email templates.